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We Innovate.
We Invent.

We are a specialsed group of visionaries and engineers working towards bringing about revolutions in the field of Science and Technology. 

Be a part of Technology and Artificial Intelligence Conclave 2018

December 8th 2018. Radisson Blu, Jaipur, India.

The Technology and Artificial Intelligence conclave 2018 is an opportunity for all those professionals and amateurs interested in AI and tech and its integration into their industry. The event has been organized by TensaX Innovation Lab keeping in mind the need to integrate technology and AI with the current products and businesses to bring a wave of tech and take these industries to the next level.

See our Lab

Our Innovation Lab currently has:


Research Projects

Our Core Research projects are our in-Lab technological innovations. 


Successfull commercial projects

Our actualised research projects and ideas with client organisations.


Patents and Research Papers

Our in-Lab Research Papers and Patents.


Engineers and Interns

Our Team of Engineers that brings it all to life.

Our Projects at a Glance

Some of the projects we had developed since last year.


Real life Search Engine

A Universal Platform wherein you could search for objects in real-life with updated in realtime using computer vision. 


Curing Corneal Blindness

With Sankara Nateralaya, a video transmitting device put within a prosthetic lens powered via wireless power.


A Dynamic Camofluage

An AI based Algorithm and sensor module that generates an instant, printable camoufluage from sensory data.


Autonomous review System

Using CV Facial Expression Analysis, with microphones to generate Anonymous reviews.


BlockChain for Organic Foods

A QR code on food packages containing a BlockChain secured code of it origin, condition and freshness.


Anti-Corruption monitor with AI 

Using computer vision and NLP to detect unusual bureaucratic behaviors in government offices.


Bring Artificial Intelligence to your Business

Catch-Up with the best of the world in the fields of BigData Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We provide Tailor Made Artificial Intelligence solutions to your product. We specialise in state-of-the art Deep learning methods that take your business to the next level.

Our Clients

We cater to the World's leading MNCs and we provide outsourced Research and Development to:

Upgrade to BlockChain

We specialise in developing personalised BlockChain based Smart Contracts. We provide custom node-to-node BlockChain systems to take your data security to the next level, including tailored ICO and Cryto-Coin services for your business.

See how it works out

We offer a streamlined, one-stop solution for your R&D needs. 

We Understand

Our Team of Professionals visit your organisation or factory, do research on your product and discuss on practical applications.

We Reflect

Together, we prepare a project report and we develop POC (Proof of Concept) prototypes to see resultsand analyze feasibility

We Develop

We develop the technology for your product or business and go through multiple prototype iterations to achive best results.

We Implement

We implement the model to your production workflow, product, or business and scale it up to your standards.

Services We Provide

Artificial Intelligence Integration Module

Computational Vision (Image Recognition), Natural Language Processsing (NLP), Mathematical Optimization & tailored Algorithms

Big Data, Data Science & Analytics

Big Data Sales and Market Analysis for your business. Prediction of Market factors and Specialized Marketing Algorithms.

Prototyping & Product Development /IoT

Advanced Product Design, Prototyping, Hardware Design, 3D CAD & 3D Printing.

BlockChain Base Bundle

BlockChain Integration, Development and Deployment using State of the art Ethereum, MultiChain and Tailored dApps.

WebApp Deployment & SEO

We get you on the Web & Manage SEO with our Context Aware Machine Learning Optimization Algorithms and Marketing Tactics.

Mobile App Deployment

Reach a mass audience with Mobile Integration. We implement Big Data in Native Mobile Application Packages. 

You may ask, Why us?

We are the only fully fledged core research and Innovation Lab which offers Tailored Reasearch and Development services to Businesses

Result Oriented

At TensaX, our primary
focus is the output for
your product/service.

We make it possible

Our Team has a diverse skill-set form MIT Alumnus to experienced Industrialists.


Made for your need Solutions

All our offerings are specifically tailored for our clients for maximum optmimization.

Lower Development Costs

Due to our operations and Hardware Labs being located in India, our costs are lower than any other private research Lab.

Our Core Team

Our Core Team with our engineers is what empowers TensaX. We believe in
democratic leadership which led us to greater heights, together.

Narendra Singh

Managing Director
Sucessful Serial Entrepreneur

Aryan Singh

Chief Technical Officer
MIT Launch Graduate

Dr. Anil Choudhary

Senior Project Consultant
30+ years in IBM, IEEE, PHD

Work with us

We are Hiring!

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24x7 available contact details:

Phone: +91 7976288093 

US Office:
Wall Street Business Centre, 30 Wall Street, 8th Floor, Manhattan, New York 10005




Our CTO, Aryan recieves MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Superlatives Award, titled: 'Most likely to invent The Next big Thing' 

We pledge to change the education realm by introducing AI courses within the Maheshwari Group of Institution's Curriculum empowering 15,000 engineers.


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